Monday, October 22, 2007

I have social conscience noh!

Mga sisters, medyo serious muna tayo ha, kasi some people are accusing me of not having a social conscience. Hello naman! Me, the Local Beach Blonde, no social conscience? Is it not enough that I bring about beauty everywhere? Charot!

I am saddened by what happened at mah fahvorite place ha. Nung Sabado, may-I-explode ang Glorietta, and now 11 are dead, hundreds injured. Hay, let us pause for a moment of silence.

Anyway, may I just make palo the authorities for a minute, okay? Kasi naman eh, can't they do their jobs efficiently? For those who wrongly accuses me of lacking social conscience, for your informayshun, may-I-monitor ako sa TV for the news ha, skipping Sex in the City marathons. Ang gulo nyo ha, sabi LPG explosion raw, tapos bomba, then the next day gas explosion raw. Ano ba mga tita? You're making things messier than they should be na.

Tapos there are these armchair analysts ha, akala mo kung sinong genius, may-I-comment ang mga lolo everywhere, as if their baseless comments matter. Imbyerna ang lola nyo, imagine me sitting in the La-Z Boy chair, enduring the kakairita analysis chever chenes eklavu ng Heaven-knows-who. As what my professor used to say, they are not adding to the sum total of human knowledge.

And it doesn't end there. Lumabas sa TV si Mr. Banana, aba, fear factor ang epek nya ha. Beware, destabilizers, sabi nya. Hello! Do they have to destabilize something that is not stable anyway? I can almost hear my old professor laugh in derision and contempt. Naku, sarap sabunutan ng banana man na yan ha, kakairita sya. Galing ba syang Ateneo? My gahd, wag naman sana.

Hay, I pity the dead, gala effect lang naman sila ah. Sisters, let's ask for justice. Let's ask our police to investigate till the kingdom chenes arrives. Put to jail those who are responsible for this explosion.

O ayan ha. My accusers should be satisfied na. If not, well, chorva na sila.

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