Saturday, August 20, 2005

I heart Mike Chan!!

Hello again beachblonde fanboys and fangirls!!!

I am uber excited to be back...Aba sobrang tagal ko na yatang di sumusulat sa pretty kong blog. Pano ba naman kasi I've been so busy with work and stuff, aside from regularly turning down loser guys who ask me out on dates! My cube is so cluttered na tuloy with the stuff they give me, like stuffed toys, stress balls, cheesy portraits and food, food, food! I cant believe how guys can be so needy talaga!Urrgh.

Anyway...I'm dedicating this entry to the one and only Michael "Mike" Chan! Kasi the other day nung wala akong magawa sa bahay nag local channel surfing ako. Lo and behold! Na stuck ako sa channel 13 akalain nyo un, sa noontime show nila, ung "Chowtime Na!" At ang tanging dahilan lang dyan ay si Mike "hunka burning love" Chan! Alam nyo yun, he was singing and dancing with these fugly Burlington girls or something (yuck)...Grabe so talented I can't believe it. So divine! The whole experience was surreal...

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I sat through the whole shebang, through all their toilet, footspa, electric fan, orocan, and cooking utensil commercials! Gaahhh I have never seen so many of such hideous commercials in one day! Si Mike Chan lang talaga ang dahilan kung bakit natagalan ko ang show na yun!

Hmm how can I describe Mike Chan...Well according to an obscure interview, He is super health conscious... super health buff...doesn't want me to eat meat!

Oh boy! this guy is super sexy... I hope he keeps working out, sana lang he doesn't get huge.. meaning mala-arnold swzhe#$#^'s muscles huge. And apparently he doesn't have vices... except basketball! (Hey is that even a vice??)

And I bet you don't know that he has an album out! Oh dba! Grabe, umaapaaw sa crushability ang tao na 'to!

Anyway, the album title is "Truly".

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Here are the tracks:

Maunawaan Nyo Sana Ako
H'wag Ka Sanang Lalayo
Sana'y Malaman Mo
Bilangin Mo
Ibibigay Ko
Ang Pag-ibig Ko
Kahit Alam Mo Na
Di Magbabago
Baka Sakali
Maunawaan (Minus One)

Like who cares if he has a Jennifer Aniston (Friends era) hairdo??? I heart you Mike Chan! Say bye bye na!

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