Sunday, June 05, 2005

Have a break, have a KyutKat

Hi guys! Ang kyut ng title ng post ko na 'to noh? Wala lang, 3M (hayyy) mentioned it to me awhile ago, I don't know where he got it pero I thought it was cute, witty, and kyut! Haha, wala lang. And yup, by the way, KyutKat is actually an officemate. Hmm did 3M actually mean something when he said "have a break have a kyutkat"?? Huh? what am I talking about? It must be the alcohol! Another officemate pressured me into having a beer with him kasi eh. Laging nagyayaya uminom, ewan ko kung bakit. when I think about it, maybe he's trying to get me drunk or something! ah...pang P.N.P. (Pulis na Palaban) ang eksena...Do you know that show? They have like crime re-enactments and there was one episode about date rape techniques. do I know this stuff? Ugh. Philippine TV = booooo!

Anywayyy...what happened ba today? Well aside from the bagyo and the baha and the annoying traffic, it's been pretty ok naman. But I think its weird na nagkakabaha din pala sa ibabaw ng flyover. Diba noh? Talk about gravity-defying Filipino architecture.

Ah yes, we handled an English diagnostic test for our other officemates, and this guy ha. He was this close to pissing me off. He kept asking "ewan ko ang kulit mo" questions, alam nyo yun..yung mga tanong na ang automatic sagot ay "ewan ko ang kulit mo!" Why can't he just answer the friggin test diba. Feeling know-it-all pilosopo Tasyo ewan, sana lang wag sya mag feeling na gwapo sya noh, please naman.

What else...ay oo...apparently an officemate went to the men's room without locking his pc. Tsk tsk wrong move e! Isipin nyo na lang...bored IT people + unlocked PC = kalokohan. So ayun, another officemate used his PC to send me an "I love you" message na naka cc kaming lahat! Hahaha. How am I supposed to react diba? And mukha naman syang di dapat seryosohin talaga so bahala siya sa buhay niya. Hmmp pinagiisip lang nya ako e! Di niya ako mauuto ako pa! I only have eyes for Koreans haha.

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beachblondeforever said... korean pala sya? anyway, i'm so into your blog na ha. so much drama with a little bit of black comedy, hardcore action, and cheesy romance. iba ka talaga! kaya pala "he dreams about you all the time". more power to you and may your god bless you today.